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Back in the Day

This song is by Frank Turner and appears on the album Sleep Is for the Week (2007).

When I was just a skinny lad
On holiday by the sea
I met a girl in a Rancid shirt
And a tape she gave to me
With the Black Flag "First Four Years"
And the Minor Threat "Discography"
And punk rock saved my life
Going down the Red Eye
Back in 1998
Hanging out with Household
Names and staying out too late
This angry adolescent
Found an outlet for his hate
And punk rock saved my life
The vision wasn't perfect
And we knew it all along
We dressed like fucking idiots
And got our facts all wrong
But everyone must needs
Be an extremist when they're young
Fucking with your parents
Makes you grow up big and strong

Folding zines and record sleeves
While sitting round at home
Flicking through the catalogues
And distros at the shows
Circle pits and sing-a-longs
Come on let's fucking go
And punk rock saved my life
That little dream is over
It was never going to last
Everybody's moved along
And it's all in the past
But when I was just 16
I pinned my colours to the mast
And punk rock's in the ink
That's in my skin
The attitude in every song I sing
And we didn't change the world
We didn't win
We probably didn't even save my life
It's true
But I bet we had a better time than you

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