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Bluebell Wood

This song is by Frank Joshua and appears on the album Easy Two (2011).

So if I asked and really meant it.
Not that I wouldn't but not that I do.
And if I said it like I wasn't joking
Jokes apart, what would you do

Just suppose you do the asking
Just for a laugh but not for fun
And if you said it like you really meant it
What would I do, not that I'm jumping the gun

We could talk about the weather
Pretend we hadn't heard
Talk about the nicest things,
The nicest things that might not get us hurt,

Like, Kissing on a mountain top, Skipping down to bluebell Wood
I saw you, flowers in your hair
Laid open to a clear blue sky, holding close as clouds go by
I wonder, Is bluebell wood really there.

Guess we got most of what we asked for
Guess we got more than most
More than enough might be too greedy
So maybe not to ask is best

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