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Funky Monkey

This song is by Francis Magalona.

Funky monkey rockabye baby on the tree tops
Where the rain drops fluky like the tail of a whale,
Tales from monkeys without tails
Cranky lanky he's a junkie, smoking dope until he chokes,
Risky frisky
And drinkin' whiskey dying young is just another hoax
Funky Monkey (kumain ng saging)
Funky Monkey (sumabit sa baging)
Fun-ky Mon-key!
Sweet riffs and and funky licks,
Kanabiz and a bag of tricks
Like a fuel injected pump,
These monkeys make me wanna jump
Funky monkey rockabye baby
On the tree trops where the rain drops
Fluky like the tail of a whale,
Tales from monkey's without tails
Funky monkey rockabye baby
On the treetops where the raindrops
Keep fallin' on my head & I said to myself,
"Have I read the books on the shelf?"
'Cause this is how we do it, real funky,
I figured if you would really wanna
Know then I'm a show you how it's done gee whiz,
This is the style
Run the 1/4 mile under a minute I get in it,
Like the Stylistics
I'm on the case of Jimi Hendrix,
1966, my cheeks are full of lipstick
Wipe it off with a soft tissue paper I wanna be great,
No rephrase that
I wanna be greater! Like the tail of the whale,
Tales from monkeys w/out tails
Funky monkey, a funky junkie,
Risky frisky and drinkin' whiskey keep
Smokin' on dope until he chokes,
Because dyin' young is just another hoax
Another scam, act like a ham,
Caught stealin a cheat on the final exam
The tricks of the trade is to crank funky licks,
Sweet riffs and a bag of tricks
Funky junkie with a bandana,
Funky monkey eat a banana (funky ng ina mo!)

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