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Big City Nights

This song is by Fozzy and appears on the album Happenstance (2002).

This song is a cover of "Big City Nights" by Scorpions.
When the daylight is falling into the night
And the sharks try to cut a big piece out of life
It feels alright to go out to catch an out rageous thrill
But it's more like spinning wheels of fortune
Which never stand still

Big city, big city nights
You keep me burning
Big city, big city nights!

When the sunlight is rising up in my eyes
And the long noght as left me back at somebody's side
It feels alright for a long sweet minute like hours before
But it's more like lookingo ut fo rsomething I cna't find anymore


Big city, big city nights
You keep me burning
Big city, big city nights
Always yearning

There is no dream
That you can't make true if you're looking for love
But there's no girl
Who's burning the ice away from my heart
Maybe tonight


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