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This song is by Foxy Brown and appears on the album Broken Silence (2001).

I taste just like candy

So dance with me

Lemme paint y'all a picture

Fox pimp hard quiet like a whisper

Don't get it mixed up

Bad little sista

Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good

Damn I'm so hood

U should see me in them jeans

Hard to describe and

Being cocky is just a part of the vibe

I might stop and holla and pop my collar

Maybe a little conceited

But that's always needed

Love attention when I'm passing by

And I show a little cleavage and I catch his eye

Just the thought of him eating I was outside

Standing locing mouth wide open

Walked over licking my lips

Adjusting my tits and switching my hips

Shit, he threw his hand on my waist
Looked in my face

And said he wanna know how I taste

Now just imagine me nude

Stretched out

Be all over the news if this gets out

So bad that the press might ban me

Now how bad you wanna know if I'm sweet like candy

What would you risk, would you put up the car

Taste my pussy in the rain on the hood
Of your car

Or the back of the plane

Nipples all out bent over the
Sink with my panties in your mouth

When my dark skin complexion steps in

Won't take no question to get him

Thoughts of fox give men erections

And get real stiff at the sight of my tits

What? y'all wanna dance, take the chance

If you wanna taste what's inside of my pants

When I lay on my stomach and throw my legs back

Y'all niggas won't know how to act

I'm real sweet like a candy corn

I'm in your thoughts late night when
Your boys are gone

Picture me, t-shirt no panties on

Or maybe topless, homie I'm priceless

The kinda girl that love to talk shit

Specially when I'm on top

The whole show stop

Even though I'm sweet

Ain't nothing sweet

Lemme know when you're ready to eat

Chorus (till fade)

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