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Baby Mother

This song is by Foxy Brown and appears on the album Chyna Doll (1999).

Phone rings.

Foxy - Hello?

Phone goes dead.
Phone rings again.

Foxy - Hello?
Girl - (whispering) Bitch
Foxy - Ey yo, who is this?
Girl - Yo, this is f*ckin' Baby Mother, put yo man on the phone
Foxy - What?
Girl - Bitch, you heard me, this is f*ckin' Baby Mother!
Foxy - Y'all groupies, what do y'all do? Y'all just get together and plot sh*t
like this at 4:00am in the morning?
Girl - Yo, you f*ck on it cuz your a f*ckin' rapper, bitch, put my f*ckin' Baby
Father on the phone!
Foxy - Look, its 4:00am in the morning, why don't you just go wash your butt or
Girl - What?! bitch wait'll I see you crawl up yo bitch ass, ima whoop dat ass,
you mink wearin' bitch, so what you'd rather see a 600 when you know i'll take
up all yo ice!
Foxy - You sound like a lil' ass girl. Look bitch, we don't know your bum ass
and a nigga aint claiming nothin that i have. nice try, bitch.
Hangs up.