Four Star Mary:She Knows Lyrics

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She Knows

This song is by Four Star Mary and appears on the album Thrown To The Wolves (1999).

she flies from a blinding light
and spirals to my heart
i try to find my mind
but don't know where to start

won't ever
can't ever find my sanity
won't ever
can't ever 'til i hear
her calling for me

she knows that side of me
can't help it
can't help that side of me
just a little more
just until i know what i'm feeling
just a little more to find my sanity

i'm lost in a thousand nights
but Sunshine's at my feet

i'd walk through a thousand fires
and next to me she'd be

she knows that side
she's calling back to me
i've lost my mind
i never believed
('til she's calling for me)