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Engines Of Alienation

This song is by Foundation and appears on the album Foundation (2001).

I'm sucked in, I don't know why
I'm in trouble. I wish that I
Had a signal to signify
The weight of your hair tonight.
It's pulling at my shoulder blades.
Wish I could bleach away:
The black on this page,
The look on your face,
The lock on my cage,
The weight of your stare tonight.
Let's have a conversation
We'll discuss all the things we
Keep on saying when there's walls between.
Who knows? My mouth is me.
Engines of alienation.

The things you said
I can't forget
I Thought I would, but I haven't yet.
Thought I was tough, but I take it back.
There's a split in my tracks.
It's not polite.
Surprise, surprise.
I couldn't count
On broken ties.
Just like me: philanthropist.
Hitch a ride with the mess

Take my hand, break my wrist
Bite my lips, say on this kiss
Say open up, swallow this
Now look at me
I'm on the edge, falling in and out
Between doubt and out
I'm in and out

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