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We Major (2005)Edit

Fort Minor - We Major
We Major
  1. Green Lantern Intro
  2. 100 Degrees
  3. Dolla (featuring Styles Of Beyond)
  4. Bloc Party
  5. S.C.O.M.
  6. Remember the Name (Funkadelic remix)
  7. Bleach (Jimi remix) (featuring Styles Of Beyond)
  8. Spraypaint & Inkpens (featuring Ghost and Lupe Fiasco)
  9. Petrified (Doors remix)
  10. Get It (featuring Styles Of Beyond)
  11. Be Somebody (featuring Lupe Fiasco, Tak and Holly Brook)
  12. Respect 4 Grandma (featuring Styles Of Beyond)
  13. There They Go (Green Lantern remix)
  14. All Night
  15. Nobody's Listening (Green Lantern remix)
  16. Cover and Duck (featuring Styles Of Beyond and Celph Titled)
  17. Remember the Name
  18. Petrified
  19. Outro
Limited edition bonus track
  1. Where'd You Go (SOB remix)

The Rising Tied (2005)Edit

Fort Minor - The Rising Tied
The Rising Tied
  1. Introduction
  2. Remember The Name (featuring Styles Of Beyond)
  3. Right Now (featuring Black Thought and Styles Of Beyond)
  4. Petrified
  5. Feel Like Home (featuring Styles Of Beyond)
  6. Where'd You Go (featuring Holly Brook and Jonah Matranga)
  7. In Stereo
  8. Back Home (featuring Common and Styles Of Beyond)
  9. Cigarettes
  10. Believe Me (featuring Eric Bobo and Styles Of Beyond)
  11. Get Me Gone
  12. High Road (featuring John Legend)
  13. Kenji
  14. Red To Black (featuring Kenna, Jonah Matranga and Styles Of Beyond)
  15. The Battle (featuring Celph Titled)
  16. Slip Out The Back (featuring Mr. Hahn)
Special edition
  1. Silence
  2. Silence
  3. Be Somebody (featuring Lupe Fiasco, Tak and Holly Brook)
  4. There They Go (featuring Sixx John)
  5. The Hard Way (featuring Kenna)

Fort Minor Militia Exclusive Tracks (2005-2006) (2006)Edit

Fort Minor - Fort Minor Militia Exclusive Tracks (2005-2006)
Fort Minor Militia Exclusive Tracks (2005-2006)
  1. Do What We Did (Demo)
  2. Kenji (Interview Version)
  3. Tools of the Trade (Demo)
  4. Where'd You Joe? (Where'd You Go Remix by Mr. Hahn)
  5. Strange Things (Demo)
  6. Believe Me (Club Remix)
  7. Start It All Up (Demo)
  8. Move On (Demo)

Welcome (2015)Edit

Fort Minor - Welcome
  1. Welcome

Additional information

Years active:
  • 2004 - 2006 (On hiatus)
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