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All I Want

This song is by Forté and appears on the album Changes (1998).

Lately I've begun to feel, im far away from you
Where, where did our love go? wheres it gone?
Last night while asleep i hear, you call anothers name
now, you don't remember that at all
i want to still love you, i want it like it was
but i can't run away, no i can't hide...

where do i have to go, to mend the broken heart that you,
left when you, took your love away
I, dont ask for many things, don't need the gold of kings,
all i want is you...

sometimes when your far away,
i feel your far from me, never know when you find your right or wrong
so much has passed us, and so much else has changed
can't we reclaim the times we lost
i want us to love you, i want it like it was
tell me how do i heal the pain of a broken heart...


i just want you to know, that i love you
and i need you, i don't want you to go where
stay right here, keep it right there


I, don't ask for many things, don't need the gold of kings,
all i wan't is you

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