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​Transient Ascendance

This song is by Forn Valdyrheim and appears on the album Reminisce Eternity (2005).

O' what be of my existence in this realm of the night?
What be of my time in this plain of nothingness?
Am I beyond death?
Where have I transcended?
What boils in this cauldron of ambiguity?
Thirteen stars glimmer on the horizon, are they a guidance for my soul?
Or just a distraction within this void?
A forest of obscurity lures me from my calling
Forever, bereft, I forge my sigil of the night

The Night
Hear me, wanderer
Thou have entered my realm, my dominion
Here, accompanied by the stars
The night rules over the mortal existence

I feel the essence that is four in number
An image of horns burns in my visions
Emerging from the shadows I feel a presence of death and antiquity
A thunderous roar of ancient storms grows as darken shapes transform
Is this what it is I seek?
Is this my calling from the other side of night?

Astral Entity
Doth thou wish my time?
Doth one bare the black seal?
I am the one of burnt embers
I am beyond the Night of Time

How did I find myself beyond this world
Mighty Lord of the Hunters?
Why is it that I can no longer hear the wolves?

Astral Entity
Beyond the gate thou has come to me
Beyond the mountains, into the night

Wanderer: This is the realm I seek forever more
Astral Entity: Though mighty am I, bearer of strength
Wanderer: Will my journey end in this maelstrom of time?
Astral Entity: Your destiny is engraved in a cryptic storm

It is I who taints the night
I long to be the ascendant of time

And I rise above the continual winds
Beyond the concept of space and time
And I look beyond the stars and far beyond the seventh gate
In the midst of the eternal forest my essence of this existence is now benighted

Astral Entity
O' heed to me, hear my calling
One must know the calling of the signs to open the gate
To ascend into time to evolve into the glorious night