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Beyond the Gate

This song is by Forn Valdyrheim and appears on the album Reminisce Eternity (2005).

A full moon shrouded in mist
A raven cries from the distance
The wolves howl as if to warn of what lies beyond the gate
A bleak forest, the night is still
As if frozen in this moment of time
Though still waking is the night, I am caught within its gaze
I saw gleams of light through the cracks

Yet I near, and I feel
An eternity under moonlight ruled from winter's throne
And the choirs of evil, with the shadows of the night
From beyond the gate they laugh
I shall continue across the black hills onwards to the gate
It's the night spirit that calls
At the gate, now I stand with nothing but a tainted soul
I sense a presence of the night that lies beyond the gate
The wolves gather as if to hunt, mortal souls lament in pain
Yet I still long to join those on the other side of night
And devoid of light, the wind whispers my name
For in the end of time I will not be free

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