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Across the Icy Fogs and Mists

This song is by Forn Valdyrheim and appears on the album Reminisce Eternity (2005).

Through cold dark mists I approach the shores
Within my vessel
Riding the freezing waters flowing from Hvergelmir
Like nightmares of darkness it haunts the lowly souls of this forsaken abode
All within the grasp of death
Devoid of departure and against all will
Gjoll imprisons all inside
Of ice, and snow, the realm of death
From the roots lay in ashes
Within the realm of Niflheim the journey nears its end
In a world where darkness clutches it will be only death that prevails
For now I have reached the shores I draw my sword, I'm prepared for war
I come to put to sleep an awakening world
I am the embodiment of the frozen wind