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Toba The Tura

This song is by Forgive Durden, features Chris Conley and appears on the album Razia's Shadow (2008).  from Saves The Day

Toba the Tura
So you're Ahrima, collusive dreamer
I watched the lamps fall, you pushed them over
They say you're gifted, well I just see a scared kid
They must have flipped it, your skills are latent

Oh, you snuffed the glow
Replaced it with coals
Threw away the throne
Oh, you snuffed the glow
Replaced it with coals
Burnt down my home

You had a life of privilege, hope and love
But now that's all gone, maybe the design's flawed
So that's why I'm here, to preserve the remainder
Of what chance we have left at an existence

Oh, the desolate dirt
The raw, scorched earth
It's a trophy of your worth
Oh, the desolate dirt
The raw, scorched earth
It's a scar of my hurt

Your cold, wicked soul boasts a foul scent

No, a stench

Toba the Tura
The formidable taste of pure contempt
Every dark corner will soon see the light

Oh, so bright

Toba the Tura
The beaming flood will pour right through the blinds
My words will tear through the air
Pierce through the despair
To find your arrogant, throbbing ears
If it's too much to bear, or to hear, or take,
I'll be frank
Let my inflection be crystal clear
This mess that you've made, it's a six-foot grave
It's a home for your lonesome bones that remain
We'll disappear, but you'll stay here to rot
As The King of The Dark and Forgot

What have I done? Please make me your son
What have I become? Destroyed all I love

Toba the Tura
Oh, what have you done?
Disobedient son
You've broken the trust of your father's love

The arid, fallow earth would be Ahrima's new hearth
He would remain while he watched his family strain
And the girl that he loved, vacate to a new place
To start over on fresh terrain
And from his desolate throne
He watched them compose a mountainous wall of stone
To separate themselves from him
A massive, jagged barricade to lock themselves in
Theirs would be the Light, his would be the Dark
For a century these halves would wait
One world, set apart

Place your hand on mine
Untie your mind
We'll just disengage
Float away

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