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This song is by Forevertree and appears on the album Alien (2009).

Where can I go
What can I do
Nothing I've done can remove me away from you
Well I've challenged that storm
And its blowing me away
What can I do
What can I say

Within in me there's nothing good
No not one single thing
I'm void of all goodness or any perfect thing
Well I've turned my back on Jesus sometimes
But he reaches out to save me and says my child you are mine

I am the Dust
And to the dust I will return
I am the Grass
If there's just one thing I've learned

Your light invades my soul
Exposing things so dark
This fire burns within my chest
It started with a spark
You've given me a life so full
You've met my every need
I want the whole world to see you
Even in my smallest deed.