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Cycle Of Love

This song is by Forest Rain and features Chi-Chi, Decibelle and Midnight Rain.

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There is a boy I love
I'm always thinking of
But his heart belongs to someone else
And even though I've known him for so long
I know that what I feel now is wrong...

There is a girl who's mine
I'm with her all the time
And our life was always so perfect from afar
But lately she has seemed so distant from my heart
I think that she would rather we be apart...

A heart is a very complex thing
Is it love or just another fling?
It seems my thoughts and feelings aren't the same...
And is it fair for me to put him through
Another year, if this isn't true?
I think it's time we went our separate ways...

When your hearts come undone / I think my heart has come undone
It is time to move on / Like being shot by a gun
And I'm sorry I hurt you / This is the worst I have been
But this is what I must do / I don't know how I begin
To carry on...

I feel so alone... How could (s) he not need me...
(I'm sorry, I only needed some space...)
I need to find someone... Who can listen, who can see...
(Don't cry, you haven't been erased...)

Oh... hi!
Hey... we... we broke up.
I... I'm so sorry.
It's okay, it was a long time coming. Can I... stay here tonight?
Ah... of course!

There is a boy who's mine
A girl who's just divine
And our friendship blossomed into something new
You've been so kind--
Sshh. I've been waiting for some time...
And now our love can finally shine through...

My boy is far away...
I miss him every day...

But I must start to move on
Now we can finally move on

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