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Rev On The Red Line

This song is by Foreigner and appears…

Two in a row, everybody knows
At the green light you rev it on the red line
Been waitin' all week to get my wheels on the street
Get my hands on the wheel, slide down in the seat
She's wearin' new colors and runnin' pretty good
I got four hundred horses tucked under the hood
But there's no need to panic, it's under control
We're aerodynamic and ready to roll

Rev on the red line
You're on your own
Rev on the red line
Just let it go

Runnin' all night on Lake Avenue
It's a piece of cake if you know what to do
You've got to lose a few 'til the stakes get high
When the odds are right, you just blow by
And make no mistake, there's women who just wait
For the man and machine with the best time

Rev on the red line
You're on your own
Feels like a lifetime
But soon you'll know

Wasn't long ago, I could've lost my wheels
Had to outrun the law, it was no big deal
I guess they had a grudge; they were hot on my tracks
I had to pay off the judge to get my license back
Now I need to pin those needles, got to feel that heat
Hear my motor screamin' while I'm tearin' up the street

Rev on the red line
You're on your own
Rev on the red line
Just let it go

Rev on, rev on
Don't think I'll ever learn to slow down
You'll still be here and I'll be gone
Rev on, rev on...

Written by:

Lou Gramm, Al Greenwood

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