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Cold Breeze

This song is by Foreign Beggars and appears on the album Bukkake Ski Trip (2006).

There's a cold breeze blowing from the north as the city sleeps
Rushing through the stone corridors of these gritty streets
Whistling against the window panes like a spirit speaks
That seeks to ring a change bringing days of peace to
It comes surging with a purpose uncertain
And cuts to the heart with a certain like urgence
The first ones caught by this gust were deserving
That's penetrated straight to the core of their nerve-strings
Hear the rustle in the leaves that we sweep along
Tremor as we crumble disbelief with the sweetest song
Endeavouring to humble every damn thing we breathe upon
That's cleverly we tumble through the town till we reach the dawn
And as the sun rises opening it's one iris,
We disappear like a freak storm that sunk pirates
To re-emerge harnessing the force of a hurricane
Bringing forth these words across the seas to your country's plane

Lone wanderer, roaming the seven seas
I walk the distance step on everything that heaven sees
I tread the desert with these weathered feet
The Nepalese shepherd, ever begging in the evergreen
Ethereal dream merchant, sleeping on a rain cloud
Let my spirit dance to the whispers of the fainter sound
Of water trickling from ice stalactites
Like gives me hope like a glimmer in the blackest night
Knife pack a talisman, staff in the holster
Live man a walk, leave a scar on your poster
All hype on the stage but can't attempt it when the show stops

Blood, you get sparked, if you don't rhyme like you're supposed to
Tell me, who's first to burst verse
Vulga spit bullet, you're pulling words from out your purse
Unrehearsed, I dispatch close to your birthplace
Expression on your bird's face, show her how my girth taste

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