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Asylum Speakers (2003) Edit

Foreign Beggars - Asylum Speakers
Asylum Speakers
  1. Intro
  2. Stabilize (featuring Kashmere and Graziella)
  3. Glacial (featuring Dr. Syntax)
  4. Where Did The Sun Go? (featuring Anik and Tommy Evans)
  5. Flowin' (featuring MRX and Carnage)
  6. Interlude
  7. One-Take (featuring Grim Finsta and Anik)
  8. Gimme Dat
  9. Wrong Move (featuring Tommy Evans)
  10. Eurrr.. Oh
  11. What Goes Up (featuring Dr. Syntax)
  12. Hold On (featuring Skinnyman and DVS)
  13. Whose Next (featuring Wayne Wonda and Tau Rai)
  14. Frosted Perspeks (featuring Lena)
  15. Coded Rhythm (featuring Farma G and Chester P)
  16. Blue Gardinias
  17. Mind Out (featuring Skrein)
  18. Prime Source (featuring Robin Goods)
  19. Getaway (featuring Pye, Super Novar, Highbreed and Nassah)
  20. A Day In The Life Of...
  21. The Bah Spitzvah (featuring Rabbi Shlomo)

Stray Point Agenda (2006) Edit

Foreign Beggars - Stray Point Agenda
Stray Point Agenda
  1. Intro (Stray Point Agenda)
  2. Reelfire
  3. Slo-Speed
  4. In It For A Minute (featuring Graziella)
  5. Clockwork Skit
  6. Confessions Of A... (featuring Graziella)
  7. To Be A Memory (featuring Dudley Perkins)
  8. Blackhole Prophecies (featuring DJ Vadim)
  9. On A Winters Day (featuring Ravi Shakti)
  10. Interlude
  11. Backdraft
  12. Slow Broiled Ilk (featuring OhNo)
  13. Hot Plate (featuring Dubbledge)
  14. Shlonames Piece
  15. Let Go (featuring Wildchild)
  16. Reach Out (featuring Dr. Syntax)
  17. Clouds Skit
  18. The Coming (featuring Dr. Syntax, Moschops and Skrein)

Bukkake Ski Trip (2006) Edit

Foreign Beggars - Bukkake Ski Trip
Bukkake Ski Trip
  1. Music We A Mek (featuring Soundkillaz)
  2. Revolution
  3. Cold Breeze
  4. Cryin' Shame
  5. Million Skill March (featuring Wildchild, DJ IQ and Dr. Syntax)
  6. Dark Parts
  7. One Chance (featuring DJ Square1)
  8. Snatchin' Da Mic (featuring Skrein)
  9. Telepathic Flow (featuring Sparo, Kashmere, Dr. Syntax and Anix)
  10. Parallelogramz
  11. Crypt Drawl (featuring Anik)
  12. Travellers (featuring Dr. Syntax)
  13. Beatflow Freakshow
  14. Astroscience (featuring DJSparo)
  15. Evil Dr. Hiphop (featuring Dark Circle)
  16. Thought Y'all Knew (featuring Dubbledge, Grim Finsta, Dr. Syntax, Highbreed, Skrein and Super Novar)
  17. Bollocks (featuring Vex-D and Dubbledge)

United Colours of Beggattron (2009) Edit

Foreign Beggars - United Colours of Beggattron
United Colours of Beggattron
  1. Intro
  2. Higher (featuring Audra Nishita)
  3. Keep It Comin' (featuring Jehst, Kyza and Dr. Syntax)
  4. Breakfree (featuring Audra Nishita and Kai Nishita)
  5. Don't Dhoow It (featuring King Knut)
  6. Hereford Hospita
  7. Seven Figure Swagger (featuring Dubbledge, Badness and Rednaz)
  8. Contact (featuring Noisia)
  9. Shake It (featuring Noisia)
  10. Get a Bit More
  11. Corridors
  12. Asylum Bound (featuring Ben Sharpa)
  13. Big'n'Black (featuring Phat Kat)
  14. Prove It (featuring Guilty Simpson)
  15. Some Advice...
  16. No More
  17. Keepin the Line Fat (featuring Graziella)
  18. No Holes Barred
  19. Safedrian

The Harder They Fall (2011) Edit

The Harder They Fall
  1. Still Getting It (featuring Skrillex)
  2. L D N (featuring Alix Perez)
  3. What's Good (featuring Lazer Sword)
  4. Bank Job (featuring Medison, Ruckspin and Durrty Goods)
  5. Later (featuring Mensah)
  6. Solace One (featuring Black Sun Empire)

Other Songs Edit

  1. Lines In Wax
  2. Scatt

Additional information

Band members:
  • Orifice Vulgatron
  • Metropolis
  • DJ No Names
  • Dag Nabbit
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