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Saints of Sulphur

This song is by Force Majeure and appears on the album Saints of Sulphur (2011).

"Welcome to the frontline. This is our story."

I) The Darkest of Winters

Dark rain falls upon the melting snow
Horizon's end is glowing in red

Blood on the snow
A letter from home
Is something to die for

Dreaming of hope
Hoping to dream
Sleepwalking to tomorrow

Come what may
They spirit is alive
And the flame will never
Cease to burn
Like the Northern Star

No eye from heaven can see
Lost in dreams that will cease to be

Bunded by snow
In winter's embrace
Only the strongest survive

In darkest of days
The homeland's grace
Will shine upon us all

II) The Outbreak

Alarming sounds break the silence
The attack has begun
Death comes with swift wings
Shrieking cries in air
Satan's waltzer is spinning faster
Who's the next to fall?
Russian Roulette with fully loaded
Gun that knows your name

Why do we fear
Were all lost somehow
Doomed from the start
Precious to no one

In for the kill
Fire at will
The mission is to annihilate

"Maintain radio silence on all frequencies..."

III) The Funeral Fog

"This is it. The scene I saw in a dream. The premonition
Come to life. A batallion of no-hopers lie on the
Ground in eerie silence. Funeral fog covers the land.
Slowly, I'm falling to my knees.
The burden and relief. This coldness is killing me.
I close my eyes and enter the ever-forgiving darkness."

"Dark as the dead of the night was my world
When I opened my eyes.
Who's that lying on the snow?
A familiar face but I cann't remember...
Pool of heart blood. An elegy that no one hears.
No death bed repentance but a sight for the
Loss of promised future."

"Trough the fog tolls the funeral bell"

IV) The Heartland Awaits

I can hear the voice
The whispers in the wind
That call my name

To leave behind
The six feet of sand
That hides the hearts
Of battlefield

The Heartland is calling its own
To coffin home
The Heartland is waiting its own
To burial home

I'm coming home
I'm coming home

"Lakes are frozen, rivers are dead.
Through the clouds, like ashes
The red moon stares

The wind shispers
The funeral march
This is the last chapter
On our journey home

For the fallen saints
In suphuric feast

Rest in peace"

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