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This song is by For Selena And Sin and appears on the album Draining (2005) and on the album Overdosed On You (2007).

Inside a hollow room he floats in a mist of memory
Transforming a life that holds thousand deaths
Suffering one, as weak as crestfallen essence

Inside a hollow room, he struggles the pains climax
Draining the purpose to exist
Crossing the gates of consiousness, taking ecstacy of grief...

Did I swear understanding?
To leave these tragedies for me?
For this life holds no more but a view; a solemn colour to the hanging trees

A celebration of my own
Troubled eyes of my inner self
...Wide open, blinded by fevers that devour

A little drop of heartblood, a precious drop of pain
Fragments of passing days, draining this life away
...And so I lose myself, I close my eyes
There's something deep inside that has already died

...Draining, fading away...