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Can You Find It In Your Heart

This song is by Unknown Artist and appears on the album Footloose - Original Broadway Cast Recording (2009) by various artists.

Can you find it in your heart to forgive her?
Can you stop and see there's part of her that's trying to obey
While part of her is dying to run away?
Can't you hear what's she's trying to say?

Can you find it in your soul to accept her?
If she stumbles on your holy path do you have to reprimand?
Or are there ways to make her understand
Without using the back of your hand?

Can't you remember
When we were that age?
Pumped up with promise
And wrestling with rage
Can't you remember
When we were a family back when?
Could we be one again?

Does it ever cross your mind that I miss you?
Is there any chance we'll find the joy that we shared at the start?
Can you remember what you felt before that feeling fell apart?
Can you find it in your heart?
Have you lost my love somewhere far behind
Or can you find it in your heart?

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