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Who Are You

This song is by Fool's Garden and appears on the album For Sale (2001).

Take off the mask,
Take softly and feel!
Spread it all and get it close
Scream a little while
You've commanded what I spoke

Who are you?
Oh, let it fall
Who are you?
Can you feel?
Who are you?

Hey, why am I getting so weary?
Why do you chase the law
You sink this ship of silence
With the clearings that you take
I'm alive but I'm beside me
Change a little while
You will see the blue
But they don't know

Who are you?
Dream a little while!
Who are you?
Well I guess it's the rain today
Who are you?
Change a little while
Who are you?
Make your way back home

Don't go this way
Leave it and speak!
Don't let it rain
Don't let it fall,
Turn off this call
Don't let me down

Who are you?
Dream a little while
Who are you?
Save me!
Who are you?
Oh, let it fall
Who are you?

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