Foo Fighters:One By One (2002)

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Album by Foo Fighters.
  1. All My Life
  2. Low
  3. Have It All
  4. Times like These
  5. Disenchanted Lullaby
  6. Tired of You
  7. Halo
  8. Lonely as You
  9. Overdrive
  10. Burn Away
  11. Come Back
  12. Danny Says (bonus track)
Limited Edition Bonus Tracks
  1. Walking a Line
  2. Sister Europe (cover of "Sister Europe" by The Psychedelic Furs)
  3. Danny Says (featuring Greg Bissonette) (cover of "Danny Says" by Ramones)
  4. Life of Illusion (Joe Walsh cover)
  5. For All the Cows (Live in Amsterdam)
  6. Monkey Wrench (Live in Melbourne)
  7. Next Year (Live)
Limited Edition Bonus Disc
  1. Snoof (Live)
  2. Times Like These (Live)
  3. Low (Live)
  4. Aurora (Live)
  5. Monkey Wrench (Live)
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