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Burn Away

This song is by Foo Fighters and appears on the album One By One (2002).

I have spent a lifetime
Waiting for the chance
Save you my confession
Save me your last dance
The same old superstition
Haunt us now and then
I'm begging for ignition
To start it all again

We'll burn away, burn away, burn away my pride x2
We'll burn away from all the other flames that burn tonight
We'll burn away, burn away, burn away my pride
Breath for me from now on
Breath for me when I'm gone
Burn out beyond, out beyond the sun)

Will you still remember
There behind the skies
Walking on the embers
Standing in their light
The hardest part is knowing
Everything must die
The hardest part is waiting here
Ready to collide


Burn out, burn on, high into you x2
Burn out, burn
I'll never burn again
Never burn again x3
We'll never burn again
Never burn again

Written by:

Foo Fighters

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