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The Road You Didn't Take

This song is by Follies.

You're either a poet
Or you're a lover
Or you're the famous
Benjamin Stone

You take one road
You try one door
There isn't time for any more
One's life consists of [Unverified]

One has regrets
Which one forgets
And as the years go on
The road you didn't take
Hardly comes to mind
Does it?

The door you didn't try
Where could it have led?
The choice you didn't make
Never was defined
Was it

Dreams you didn't dare
Are dead
Were they ever there?
Who said
I don't remember
I don't remember
At all

The books I'll never read
Wouldn't change a thing
Would they?
The girls I'll never know
I'm too tired for

The lives I'll never lead
Couldn't make me sing
Could they?
Could they?
Could they?

Chances that you miss
Ignorance is bliss
What's more
You won't remember
You won't remember
At all

Not at all
You yearn for the women
Long for the money
Envy the famous
Benjamin Stones

You take your road
The decades fly
The yearnings fade, the longings die
You learn to bid them all goodbye
And oh, the peace
The blessed peace

At last you come to know
The roads you never take
Go through rocky ground
Don't they?

The choices that you make
Aren't all that grim
The worlds you never see
Still will be around
Won't they

The Ben I'll never be
Who remembers him?


Written by:

Stephen Sondheim

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