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Don't Look At Me

This song is by Follies.

Ben, it's me
Now folks, we bring you
Direct from Phoenix
Live and in person
Sally Durant

Here she is at last
Twinkle in her eye
Hot off the press
Strictly a mess

Hi, Ben
No, don't look at me
Please, not just yet
Why am I here? This it crazy
No, don't look at me

I know that face
You're trying to place the name
Say something, Ben, anything
No, don't talk to me

Ben, I forget
What were we like? It's so hazy
Look at these people
Aren't they eerie?

Look at this party
Isn't it dreary?
I'm so glad I came

Can I look now? Yes, it's possible
You might be Sally
Did you fall asleep at Toscanini broadcasts?
Did you eat Baby Ruths for breakfast?

I still do sometimes
Oh Ben, you're just the way
I knew you'd be
You make me feel like I was nineteen
And the four of us were going on the town

So, I just look at us
Fat, turning gray
Still playing games
Acting crazy
Isn't it awful?

God, how depressing
Me, I'm a hundred
You, you're a blessing
I'm so glad I came
What we need is a drink


Written by:

Stephen Sondheim

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