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​The Fat Song

This song is by Foamy The Squirrel.

I just wrote a song
About something that's wrong
And it starts with your ass
'Cause its blowing up fast
I'm surprised you can fit in this room
With your giant fat ass
And you bra-less boobs
Its such a sad sight
To see that face
While your giant fat ass is engulfing the place
It's time you took the twinke outta your lips
It's going straight to your thighs
And straight to your hips

Stop pigging out before it's too late
Just have a salad and a couple of grapes!

You fat b******!
Stop Eating!

"That song sucks."

"You just don't Like it because it's the truth!"

"The worst song ever."

"Like you have any talent! All you can do is put things in your mouth! And now, I'm not going to make a comment on an obvious joke. That's what makes me better than anybody else. B*******!"