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Squirrel Songs V

This song is by Foamy The Squirrel.


Here's a message to those who don't like me,
You can all just bite me
I don't care what you say or think
You walk around like your shit don't stink

I am foamy
I am foamy and you must obey


Everyone hates you here
No one likes you, not here
You fond over yourself as if you need despair
I'm opening old wounds and pouring salt in there

Cryptic hidden messages
For someone over there
We hate you[3x]

Drop dead


I am foamy
You don't know me but you'll obey
I do not trust you
I don't believe a word you say

How could you say you're right when you live a life so wrong?
You contradict yourself
So I'll write another squirrel song again

You are so ugly
So butt ugly
Why won't you die?

I would like to stab you in the eye with a really hot French fry.
You never shut up
What the fuck is up with your chosen path
You're so stupid
I have to open up a can of squirrelly whup ass

Open up a can of squirrelly whup ass
Open up a can of squirrelly whup ass

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