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Atom Bomb

This song is by Fluke and appears on the album Risotto (1997) and on the movie soundtrack The Saint (1997).

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Atom Bomb
Baby got an atom bomb

Twenty-two megatons

Baby got poison gas
Baby got a heart attacks
Baby got pain on tap
Baby, gimme some of that

Baby got a Nobel Prize
Given for the perfect crime
Baby got an alibi
Baby got eight more lives
Baby got purple hair
Baby got a secret lair
Baby got an army there
I ain't ever seen baby scared

Baby got a satellite
Baby got a second sight
Baby got a master plan
A foolproof master plan
Baby got a crystal ball
Baby doesn't care at all
Baby's having too much fun
Baby got an atom bomb
Baby got an atom bomb
Baby got an atom bomb
Baby got an atom bomb

Baby got an atom bomb
Baby got an atom bomb
Baby got an atom bomb

Baby got a fleet at sea
She's got a submarine called Emergency
She got a motorcade
She got a monorail
Going coast to coast on the campaign trail
Playing deck of cards in an armored car
She got a kung fu star as a bodyguard
She got a juju charm
She got a magic spell
She got a genie, all three is working well
She got a TV show
She got a shopping mall
She got a miracle she doesn't want at all
She got a monument at a great expense
She got a head of state and a president
She got destiny
She got supremacy
She got everything from A to Z
She got it all down tight
She got nothing wrong
She got the whole wide world singing baby's song

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