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Sour Grapes

This song is by Flora Cash and appears on the EP Made It for You (2013).

Oh, it smells like home,
When I walk outside this
Stranger's slum.
Oh, I just wanna get out of here,
Take me...
To the promising land of love.
I'll take you home,
Where the greener grass
Is gonna grow
Won't be alone,
'Cause the greener grass
Is gonna grow.
Some day, one way,

Or another we will find it, bind it,
Call it promising.
Oh, when I get home,
I will run upstairs,
To my old room.
I'll see you home,
And we'll go right up to your old room.
Lie, on the floor,
In that cozy room without a door.
Repeat home (take me)
Home (bring me)
Home, home, home, home

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