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Force Fed Imagery (2007)Edit

Fliptrix - Force Fed Imagery

Force Fed Imagery

  1. Open Your Eyes
  2. Sleepy Hollow
  3. Originators (featuring DX, O!Noe Boy and Amiman)
  4. Broken Souls (featuring Mr. Bugg)
  5. Skyline
  6. Just For Fun
  7. Why Do You Try (featuring Verb T and Gigi)
  8. Force Fed Imagery
  9. Jane
  10. Fright Night
  11. Focus (featuring O!Noe Boy, Amiman and Verbal)
  12. Past 2 Da Present
  13. Gotta Be Free
  14. Rags To Riches (featuring Mr. Bugg)
  15. Clawhook (featuring Mr. Avarice)
  16. Karma (featuring Inc and Gigi)
  17. Rip This
  18. Outro

Theory of Rhyme (2010)Edit

Fliptrix - Theory of Rhyme

Theory of Rhyme

  1. Monday to Sunday (featuring Dru Skills and Rebs)
  2. Graffiti Wont Die
  3. You'll Never Change
  4. Get Involved (featuring Jehst)
  5. My Soul
  6. Just Run
  7. Life We Lead (featuring Verb T)
  8. Deep Set Thoughts
  9. Dream Coat
  10. Own Zone (featuring Verb T)
  11. Head Held High
  12. Madness (featuring Kashmere)
  13. He Who Dares
  14. Find The Catch (featuring Jam Baxter and Mr. Concept)
  15. Turn Of Phrase (featuring Dj Catch)
  16. Real Music

Third Eye of the Storm (2012)Edit

Fliptrix - Third Eye of the Storm

Third Eye of the Storm

  1. The Storm
  2. War to Your Door
  3. Frontline Terror (featuring Ramson Bandbonez and Jam Baxter)
  4. Mind Travelling
  5. Me Against the World
  6. See the Sun
  7. Soundscapes (featuring Famma G)
  8. Walk This Way (featuring Buggsy)
  9. Third Eye Sight (featuring Jehst)
  10. Wylin Out
  11. It's No Lie
  12. Nothing's Quite as It Seems (featuring Verb T)
  13. Drifting
  14. The Essence
  15. Paradise
  16. Sun's Down


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