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It Pays To Know

This song is by Flipper and appears on the album American Grafishy (1992).

Now what I want to know is how
Your feelings show way deep down inside of
you when you know your mind is twisted
And untrue it seems so strange the range
You claim to have to show when all your actions
Take on a surrealistic threatening glow acting
The way you do fuck that well you know what
Does it show what does it prove you're in some
Groove workin' through the stages now toward
Something new but what does it show and what
Do you know well it pays to know it pays to know

Now in the time you spent so well figure yourself
Out to tell did you ever wonder why some
Things turned out to be such lies did you look
Deep way within and figure out where lies the sin
Could there be a clue left out overlooked and
Thrown about I want to know what can you show
One thing for certain it pays to know it pays to
Know which way you're going yes it pays to know
It pays to know set your sail in the direction
The wind's blowin' ohh it pays to know what can
You show and what does it prove

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