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​Time's Running

This song is by Flip.

To all the people that's giving life for freedom
All the ones that don't admit defeat
Its just a shout to left them know
Since know you're not fighting alone
Pseudo leaders try to give you answers
I hear them talk a thousand times to me
TV and radio part of their machine

Don't let them fool you
Don't trust a single word from that black box
And behave like normal people
Or you'll be catalogued as a freak

(We) must raise your voice
Let it be know in the rest of the world
No color or race
Same people under the same fucking sun

Please tell me that I'm not insane
Please tell me that I'm doing well

This ain't the life I want for next generation
Ain't the life I want for me
Today's not late tomorrow could be
If I were you I'd be movin' on
Hopeless like you and me there's a million
It's just that I found what I want
You've got take some inspiration
From the simplest things of life
I know I'm not insane
You know I'm doing well