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Freeze Burnt

This song is by Flick and appears on the album Perfect Kellulight (1998).

you i won't show
yeah you know
doesn't make it easy on me now
yeah you know
if i wait to long
then i'm all freezer burnt

things i have done
make feelings numb
this isn't getting any easier on me now
what have i done

if i wait to long
then i'm all freezer burnt

wonder now what should i say
maybe i'll just keep away
i don't like the looks of what i could be
maybe i'll come out and say
every thing i want to say
i don't want to sit around and freeze

if i wait to long
then i'm all freezer burnt

tracked and overdubbed at Treasure Isle
additional vocal overdubs at Greenwood Studio
mixed at Vital Recordings
Adam McGrath - drums
Eve Hill - bass
Oran Thornton - lead guitar and vocals
Trevor Thornton - lead vocal and rhythm guitar
additional musicians:
Ande Elwood - hammond organ
Barry Greene - trombone
Jeff Coffin - sax
John Mark Painter - flugel horn

bpm = 77
key = G flat minor

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