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Black Tattoo

This song is by Flesh for Lulu and appears on the album Fresh Flesh (1986).

Your kind of violence is so hard to learn
Just a slap in the face no fireworks
Fake it fake it for everybody else
Come on don't keep it all for yourself

Oh no no no

I watched the cowboy ride the train
Across the Rio Grande to Brixton
From the wild wild west to the deep deep south
He takes a handful of pills and puts them in his mouth

And when the lamp light shines across the room
And touches her black tattoo
Well she knows she's got to live with it now
And you live as long as you want to

Standing around wondering how she's ever gonna keep her looks
She'll be history soon enough
I bet we never write that book
So tell me will you be sat on your own

Looks like a ghost of someone I once knew
And the map of your skin
Still drives me insane
You thought I was in pain
I will colour you black and blue
No true cynic will have a lucky number
A dice is still their vice

I tell ya every clouds gotta silver lining
And everyone has his price
Tell me what could be worse
Than your own bitter rants
She's ???
Your favourites got no friends
I'm ???

And the beating never ends

When I see you
I see black and blue
Oh give me your skin
And I will colour you in
If there's one thing
I know it's true
Black tattoo is nothing new
Black tattoo is nothing new

Give me your skin
Want you give me your skin
I want to clour you in once again
Black Tattoo
I want to colour you in
I will colour you in

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