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Goodbye Baby

This song is by Fleetwood Mac and appears on the album Say You Will (2003).

Don't take me to the tower
And take my child away
It was I who was
The hourglass
And the sands of time like
Shattering glass went past me
Like a tunnel to the sea

And I who went to sleep as two
Woke up as one now only you remain
You'll close your eyes and travel back
To the time when the light went fading fast
And the words you'll never, never forget, oh no

Goodbye baby
I hope your heart's not broken
Don't forget me
Yes I was outspoked
You were with me all the time
I'll be with you one day

And I who went to sleep in tears
Woke up in tears for all the years
And I who never, never said goodbye
As I slipped away

Chorus (2x)

Yes, I'll be with you one day

Written by:

Stevie Nicks

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