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I Ain't Scared

This song is by Flavor Flav and appears on the album Flavor Flav (2006).

Heh heh heh
Payback! Ha ha (hee hee hee) Flavor Flav!
Oh we gon' do it again son (son of a...)
Son of a mother, son of mother son of... mother
I hope (hee hee hee) oh snap
Whoa-HOO! What?

(Flavor Flav)
Just to keep it real wit'chu, what's the deal wit'chu?
What's this shit I feel wit'chu?
Everything is goin' wrong yo
This shit has been goin' on too long yo
We gotta put this thing on the right track
We gotta put it back - to where we once had it before
Don't you remember we had it goin' on galore?
Louis' and more? (Gold rings?)
Everybody was eatin, I was meetin and greetin
Lookin' good from the head to the feet and
Didn't give the kids a beatin', I was a good dad yo (Yeah!)
Even when I became famous
I took the whole family to the shows
The kids with the snot runnin' out they nose
Jumpin' all out of my limos
Now that's the life I chose

(Chorus: repeat 2X)

I ain't scared to come through your town
Flavor Flav be layin it down
I won't die, I can't drown
No one can take Flavor down

(Flavor Flav)
I tried, I tried, I tried, I tried
In every way I couuuuuuuuuld
To make you see how much I love you
As I understooooooooooood
Everywhere I moved (you trapped me) {SAY WHAT?}
I put my guards down (you slapped me) {KICK IT FLAV~!}
I trust you in again (you jerked me) {WHAT BABY?}
I try to work with you (you overwork me) {NO!}
You're only for yourself (and you know it) {NOT AGAIN}
You're gonna take a lose (and you'll show it) {WATCH IT}
Come here baby (don't bother me) {WATCH OUT}
Come here baby (DON'T BOTHER ME!)

(40 seconds of instrumental)

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