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​Sola Scriptura

This song is by Flame and appears on the album Rewind (2005).

Lately man it's been some problems the scriptures have been under attack and that's crazy
See God's word is the final authority I'm sorry there's no way you can sway can't persuade me
The holy scriptures is the only sufficient certain and infallible rule for the Christian
Nothing can be added at all so you can keep your revelation and religious traditions
The-op-nyoo-stos (theopneustus) its God breathed
2 Timothy 3:16
Because the scriptures are the only example of God breathed revelation in possession of the church
They form the only infallible rule of faith for and which we base the church
Let's talk about inspiration
God's the author no mistaken man

Let me hear ya say yeah (yeah)
(S-o-l-a scriptura)
(S-o-l-a scriptura)
It's the Bible man B-i-b-l-e

People pick pick and choose
What they will and won't use from the holy scriptures
But the Bible is not just a book that you can just look through and see what fits ya
Naw dawg it's tota scriptura
All of scripture
Was told by John Calvin
So if you LDS Jehovah's Witness or if you Roman Catholic
Please don't insert your own authority in place of the scriptures that's backwards
The scriptures are perfect and they are able to guide the people of God into the truth God
1689 Baptist Confession is my point of reference in which I use for y'all
How I'm talkin' about sola scriptura but I'm using the confession I'm confusin' y'all nope!

Let me hear ya say yeah (yeah)
(S-o-l-a scriptura)
(S-o-l-a scriptura)
It's the Bible man B-i-b-l-e