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This song is by Flame and appears on the album Captured (2010).

He got power man, you ain't never seen it like this
All power man, his words make the world exist
He got power man, he can turn your situation 'round
I've seen him do it, do it do it, do it do it

I've seen the Lord do a lot of things in my day
Time after time, he blows my mind and he blows my faith
I like to read and to see what he's done in the past
He can do in the present if his people would ask
I've seen him shut a whole strip down
Full of strip clubs, now dude is a Christian now
Wow, now that's power like you've never seen
How he dug in that man and made his soul clean
Or, I've even seen him heal a broken home
Couple couldn't get along, now you be like, get a room
Man, I'm so impressed with his slate
I want to trust him more and more, and strengthen my faith
Yes, I hope you know it's true, all power's in God's hands
What can't you make it through, the proof is the God-man
Nobody took his life, but Jesus he laid it down
And three days later, yes he popped outta the ground


Now for the record, we're talkin' about Almighty God
Please don't forget what he did with Moses' rod
Please don't forget when he split the Red Sea
What is a light bill, or a deadly disease?
What is a marriage problem, or one that's on the rocks
To the One who speaks to storms, and storms stop?
To the One who got Lazarus outta the grave
Not after one, but two, three, four days
He is the Life, and the Resurrection
You give him your filth, and get his perfection
I'm tryna get you to see if he can save a soul
Defeat Satan and sin, all else is micro
And if he chooses to not grant a request
It's not because he lacks power, but he's seeking our best
It's not because he lacks strength, but he's seeking our good
Now go and walk through that trial like Jesus would


I know some people in my hood that's been struggling with some things
They've been addicted for so long, they don't think that they can change
Then I tell them about Jesus and how he can set them free
But they choose to stay away, man all that's just unbelief
But he's worthy to be trusted, he's a keeper of is word
But it's either you don't believe in Jesus, or that you're scared
Now what you're scared of? You shouldn't scared of your sin
And not trusting in his name, that's the danger you're in
But you ain't gotta stay that way, you can pray and confess
Live a life of repentance, receive Jesus' best
Himself, his love, his grace, his power
Give you strength in the darkest hour so you won't be devoured
Give you strength against temptation 'cause he's stronger than sin
He's much stronger than your corruption erupting within
He's much stronger than your addiction to sex or a drug
To alcohol or to a club, homie that's what he does


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