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Luxury Of Life (1985)Edit

Five Star - Luxury Of Life

Luxury Of Life

  1. Love Take Over
  2. All Fall Down
  3. Let Me Be The One
  4. System Addict
  5. Hide And Seek
  6. R.S.V.P.
  7. Now I'm In Control
  8. Say Goodbye
  9. Crazy
  10. Winning

Silk & Steel (1986)Edit

Five Star - Silk & Steel

Silk & Steel

  1. Can't Wait Another Minute
  2. Find The Time
  3. Rain or Shine
  4. If I Say Yes
  5. Please Don't Say Goodnight
  6. Stay Out Of My Life
  7. Show Me What You've Got For Me
  8. Are You Man Enough
  9. The Slightest Touch
  10. Don't You Know I Love It

Between The Lines (1987)Edit

Five Star - Between The Lines

Between The Lines

  1. Somewhere Somebody
  2. Whenever You're Ready
  3. Strong as Steel
  4. Read Between the Lines
  5. Live Giving Love
  6. Ain't Watcha Do
  7. Made Out of Love
  8. You Should Have Waited
  9. Knock Twice
  10. Hard Race

Rock The World (1988)Edit

Five Star - Rock The World

Rock The World

  1. Another Weekend
  2. Rock My World
  3. Godsend
  4. Are You Really The One
  5. Let Me Be Yours
  6. Free Time
  7. Physical Attraction
  8. Someone's In Love
  9. There's A Brand New World
  10. Rescue Me

Five Star (1990)Edit

Five Star - Five Star

Five Star

  1. Treat Me Like A Lady
  2. Hot Love
  3. I Can Show You Love
  4. Feelings
  5. Feel Much Better
  6. I'm Still Waiting
  7. That's The Way I Like It
  8. Lost In You
  9. Tienes Mi Amour
  10. What About Me Baby?

Shine (1991)Edit

Five Star - Shine


  1. Shine
  2. Come To Me (For Love)
  3. Some Kind Of Magic
  4. Love Can't Wait
  5. The Love You Bring To Me
  6. Right Over
  7. The Start Of Forever
  8. I Really Did It This Time
  9. Sentimental
  10. Save A Place In Your Heart For Me

Heart And Soul (1994)Edit

Five Star - Heart And Soul

Heart And Soul

  1. I Love You (For Sentimental Reasons)
  2. Surely
  3. The Writing on the Wall
  4. Got a Lot of Love
  5. The Best of Me
  6. When You Get Home
  7. Going with the Moment
  8. Secret from my Heart
  9. Show Me
  10. I Give You Give

Eclipse (2001)Edit

Five Star - Eclipse


  1. I Wish Me You
  2. Hung Up
  3. Eyes Don't Lie
  4. I Get Such a High
  5. The Writing on the Wall
  6. Got a Lot of Love (Remix)
  7. Don't Let Me Be the Lonely One
  8. Surely (Remix)
  9. I Love You (For Sentimental Reasons) (no rap)
  10. Funktafied
  11. One Way Mirror
  12. Tell Me What You Want
  13. Get a Life Together
  14. I Give You Give (Remix)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Any One With Eyes
  2. Slightest Touch

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