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The Untimely Death Of Brad

This song is by Five Iron Frenzy and appears on the EP Quantity Is Job 1 (1998).

Here is the tale, its spoken word-for-word,
It may be abominable, but yes it must be heard.
Nauseating at first,
You can expect the worst,
So listen closely, as the plot unfolds...

I might stretch the truth,
Maybe a little lie,
There was a boy named Brad,
He played trumpet,
And he died.
Too young for him to cease,
Why? We haven't got a clue,
It's on the internet,
So then it must be true.

The untimely death of Brad,
How sad it must have been.
If you see him anywhere,
Remember to console him.

I curse the day,
I ever met the boy,
Only the good die young,
They say.
The details of his death are vague
Unbelievable it seems,
As if his passing was only a dream.
Catastrophe, calamity,
What will we tell his mother now?
Cataclysmic, a tragic mishap.
I just heard that their band is breaking up.

I hear his trumpet,
His voice rings in my ears,
It sometimes seems he's standing very near.
I don't believe in ghosts.
I've never seen one,
But isn't the trumpet playing haunting on this album?

A day that lives in infamy,
In horror we behold,
His passing,
His memory,
But the truth must be told.

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