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The Devil in the Wishing Well

This song is by Five for Fighting and appears on the limited edition of the album The Battle for Everything (2004).

I met Jane at the center of the earth,
It was dark there was dirt all around-
But I gather you can figure that

Jane says, "I'm your body in the night,
And I'll lead you where you might find yourself.
Better if you follow me."

"So go right you'll be left at a big hotel,
You'll meet the devil at the bottom of a wishing well.
You know you better give him something,
Give him something good.
Like everybody else he's misunderstood."

Jane says, "it's a long way out..."
I'm gonna make it out,
ACause I'm about her

Jane says, "you're as Holy as a ghost
But who loves you the most, if you offer
I might let you carry me."

Jane theres nobody here but yourself,
In the end it's the wealth of your spirit.
Now hurry up get on with it,

I went left I got right at some big hotel,
There was a devil at the bottom of the wishing well.

He said, "you better give me something,
Give me something good.
Like everybody else I'm misunderstood."

Jane says, "it's a long way out..."
I'm gonna make it out,
Cause I'm about her.

Jane says, "it's a long way out,"
I'm gonna make it out.

I took a guess and cut a portion out of my heart,
He said, "thats nowhere close enough but its a damn good start."
I wrote the secret that I buried on the wishing well,
He said, "I've seen one... it follows that I've seen them all."
We spoke of human destination in a perfect world,
Derived the nature of the universe (found it unfulfilled).
As I took him in my arms he screamed, "I'm not insane!
I'm just looking for someone to understand my pain!"

It's a long way out,
And I'm gonna make it out...

Written by:

John Ondrasik

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