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This song is by Five for Fighting and appears on the album America Town (2000).

Jainy sells for three dimes a night
Morning helps her find her way blind
And I love her more than I can tell
Heaven help me now
Seems I found to find her just as well

Jainy yeah
Jainy yeah

Jainy takes me three times a night
Morning saves me and I find my way blind
And she loves more than she can tell, yeah ha
Heaven help her now
Seem's she's found to find me just as well

Jainy yeah
Jainy yeah...

Jainy stares at stars every night
Morning takes her eyes everytime
And she'll love you more than you can tell
Heaven help us now
Seems you've finaly found us... just as well...

Jainy yeah
Jainy yeah...

She'll be alright...

Written by:

John Ondrasik

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