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This song is by Fisher and appears on the album The Lovely Years (2005).

I believe there's no hell
If you just try to love enemies as yourself
Heaven will surely hold you a place

Outer space is so friggin? huge
I'm convinced there's no way
And we're just spinning 'round
The sun all day without a purpose or an explanation

Raise the white flag and surrender to this life
Don't question how or why
Pour the whiskey, smell the roses
Tell some jokes, laugh before you die

It is obvious, life is too short
Always seems we get it down just in time to go
Somewhere who knows where
Maybe someplace better, better

I see the white light and surrender
When it's time don't question how or why
Lay your arms down and surrender to clouds
You will feel amazing, you will be amazing, amazing

What is fiction? What is real?
We've been programmed what to feel
By the TV, by the pen
Let your heart open your eyes again, your eyes again, oh oh

You know life's too short to live it in fear
Only thing you will regret is what you
Do not do at all even more than the
Stupid things you do better take the chance

Listen to your heart, no one can tell you
What your spirit wants, tell yourself

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