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Don't Wanna Love You

This song is by Fisher and appears on the album Uppers And Downers (2002).

You're everything that I could dream
Every time you look at me
'make me feel like I'm queen of the world
You're so amazing it's insane
Can't find a single thing
I would even change if you were mine

But I don't wanna' love you
and I don't wanna' care
Cause if I go on and love you
and you go - what then?

I could so get used to this
--knowing what to expect
You never leave me guessing how you feel
You say 'I Love You' every day
'Thank You' is all I say
'cause I'm afraid you're too good to be real

Don't wanna love you
No I don't wanna care
Cause if I go on and love you
You'll go

What then?

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