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Ava Aviaria

This song is by Fishboy and appears on the album Classic Creeps (2011).

Ava don't you try
To walk on inside
Ava don't ignore my advice or it might cost you your life
It might cause you to die

Ava watch the birds
Ignore all that you've heard
Ava don't acknowledge the words
Or they might cause you to die
It might cost you your life

Ava has a favorite song
Gets stuck in her head
And when the lonely nights are long
She sings it in bed
And at this very moment the same song the same notes
She whistles as she walks to danger here's how it goes

Simmons brothers hurry try to recoup their loss
Rebuilding a rocket in the factory Moss
But little do they know that standing waiting outside
Ava hears Andre and the Aspens cry

Hey Ava
Where's your mind
Hey Ava
Where's your mind
Since I've been gone
The birds are your family now
Oh my plan was wrong
But as hard as I try I can't go back inside any how

Now ava
Hear me now
Ava ava ava
Hear me now

You walk inside
And see three people tied to the back
Of a large device
And two me throw a switch but as soon as the did
My rocketship crashes through the ceiling

Now we're done
We're done
We are done for

Written by:

Eric Michener

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