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Nocturnal Symphony (1998)Edit

Firewind - Nocturnal Symphony
Nocturnal Symphony
  1. Intro
  2. Down
  3. I'm Not Kind
  4. Promise Land
  5. Inside
  6. Beneath the Eclipsed Moon
  7. Lost Dream
  8. Distant Thoughts
  9. Speed of Terror
  10. Nocturnal Symphony

Between Heaven and Hell (2002)Edit

Firewind - Between Heaven And Hell
Between Heaven and Hell
  1. Between Heaven and Hell
  2. Warrior
  3. World of Conflict
  4. Destination Forever
  5. Oceans
  6. Tomorrow Can Wait
  7. Pictured Life
  8. Firewind Raging
  9. I Will Fight Alone
  10. Northern Sky
  11. Fire
  12. Who Am I?
  13. End of an Era (Bonus track)

Burning Earth (2003)Edit

Firewind - Burning Earth
Burning Earth
  1. Steal Them Blind
  2. I Am the Anger
  3. Immortal Lives Young
  4. Burning Earth
  5. The Fire and the Fury
  6. You Have Survived
  7. Brother's Keeper
  8. Waiting Still
  9. The Longest Day
  10. Still the Winds (Bonus track)

Forged by Fire (2004)Edit

Firewind - Forged By Fire
Forged By Fire
  1. Kill to Live
  2. Beware the Beast
  3. Tyranny
  4. The Forgotten Memory (featuring James Murphy)
  5. Hate World Hero
  6. Escape from Tomorrow
  7. Feast of the Savages (featuring Marty Friedman)
  8. Burn in Hell
  9. Perished in Flames
  10. Land of Eternity
  11. I Confide (Bonus Track)

Allegiance (2006)Edit

Firewind - Allegiance
  1. Allegiance
  2. Insanity
  3. Falling to Pieces
  4. Ready to Strike
  5. Breaking the Silence
  6. Deliverance
  7. Till the End of Time
  8. Dreamchaser
  9. Before the Storm
  10. The Essence
  11. Where Do We Go From Here?
  12. Healing Tool (Bonus track)
  13. Demon Nights (Bonus track)

The Premonition (2008)Edit

Firewind - The Premonition
The Premonition
  1. Into the Fire
  2. Head Up High
  3. Mercenary Man
  4. Angels Forgive Me
  5. Remembered
  6. My Loneliness
  7. Circle of Life
  8. The Silent Code
  9. Maniac
  10. Life Forclosed

Days of Defiance (2010)Edit

Firewind - Days of Defiance
Days of Defiance
  1. The Ark of Lies
  2. World on Fire
  3. Chariot
  4. Embrace the Sun
  5. The Departure
  6. Heading for the Dawn
  7. Broken
  8. Cold as Ice
  9. Kill in the Name of Love
  10. SKG
  11. Losing Faith
  12. The Yearning
  13. When All Is Said and Done
  14. Wild Rose (digipak bonus)
  15. Ride to the Rainbow's End (digipak bonus)
  16. Breaking the Law (digipak bonus)

Few Against Many (2012)Edit

Firewind - Few Against Many
Few Against Many
  1. Wall of Sound
  2. Losing My Mind
  3. Few Against Many
  4. The Undying Fire
  5. Another Dimension
  6. Glorious
  7. Edge of a Dream (featuring Apocalyptica)
  8. Destiny
  9. Long Gone Tomorrow
  10. No Heroes, No Sinners
  11. Battleborn (Digipack Bonus Track)
  12. No Heroes, No Sinners (Acoustic) (Digipack Bonus Track)

Immortals (2017)Edit

Firewind - Immortals
  1. Hands of Time
  2. We Defy
  3. Ode to Leonidas
  4. Back on the Throne
  5. Live and Die by the Sword
  6. Wars of Ages
  7. Lady of 1000 Sorrows
  8. Immortals
  9. Warriors and Saints
  10. Rise from the Ashes
  11. Vision of Tomorrow (Bonus Track)

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1998, 2002-present

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