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Someday Soon

This song is by Firefall and appears on the album Luna Sea (1977) and on the compilation album Greatest Hits (1992).

Someday soon---we're gonna quit this crazy runaround
Pack our bags and steal away

Someday soon---we're gonna find a place and settle down
I'll be coming home someday

I'll be there to kiss you in the morning
I'll be by your side each afternoon
Late at night, our love, like rivers pouring
---Loving you---someday soon

Someday soon---we're gonna leave this foolish fantasy
Find the strength to let it go

Someday soon, you're gonna see how much you mean to me
Even more than you could know

Now I can see you can't hang on forever
Even though you love me like you do
---Love is all that's keeping us together
I love you---Someday soon

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