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Picture Of My Own

This song is by Fingertips and appears on the album All 'Bout Smoke 'N Mirrors (2003).

Save me
From this sadness it's coming
Or take me
Before my smile it's dissolving
Wake me
From this nightmare I'm entering
Don't let me fall in the corners of my own

As a tear comes from inside
I feel like I'm gonna drown
And as I'm searching for something to
Occupy my mind again
I lay down on my bed
But then a picture of my soul shows me
There's no way instead

Touch me
Make me feel I'm alive
Or forget me
Maybe I would die with time
Love me
All I need is a hug
Embrace me
'Cause times are going too rough

And as I think I'm lost nowhere
I find where I am all alone
And as I'm desperating slowly just looking
At my night without stars
I pray
That someone could call
But then a picture of my own
Tells me i'm made to fall

And it's a picture of my own
A picture of my own
A picture of my own
That's making me feel this way
And I'm so sorry babe
It's all so silent here
Up here
Here, here...

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